about kirkuk

Kurdish inhabited area

Seems like this area is more dangerous than Balad or Baghdad, and in this moment I think there’s two reason for this: the city is on the border with Kurdistan province and there’s a lot of oil fields around (last night I saw two fire outside the military base).

If in Baghdad & Balad the workers are mostly from Central Asia and Eastern Africa, here I heard a lot of Spanish, the majority is from Latin America (El Salvador, Columbia),ergo this is a great opportunity to start learning some espanol.

foto source: Wikipedia


One thought on “about kirkuk

  1. asteptam sa ne povestesti ce m-ai faci tu acolo in fiecare zi.Cum sunt pacientii ,cum sunt colegii,etc
    si inca ceva si eu sunt dependenta de dreptate si din acest motiv sufar mereu cand vad ce se intampla in jurul meu,dar eu trebuie sa-mi fac ,,datoria ,,sa te imbarbatez.


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