slang lexicon

Slang and acronyms used by U.S. citizens in Iraq (this page is often edited)

BIAP – Baghdad International Airport
chow hall – dining facility in a U.S. military base
CHU- Containerized Housing Unit (pronounced “choo”) – Aluminum boxes slightly larger [22’x8’] than a commercial shipping container, with linoleum floors and cots or beds inside. This insulated CONEX shipping container has a door, window, top vent, power cabling, and an air conditioner. One version houses four people, while another is split into two, two-person rooms. The version with a shower and toilet shared between two rooms is called a „wet chu”, which provides less crowded latrine and shower conditions than tents. The CHU gives soldiers a lot more living space than tents.
fixed wings – airplane
DFAC – [Dining FACility] : A DFAC is where you eat. Soldiers and (some) civil contractors eat in a dining facility, or DFAC (pronounced dee-Fak). See also chow hall
FOB – forward operating base
fobit – service member who never goes outside the wire off the forward operating base.
Green Zone – Heavily guarded area with several former Presidential Palaces in central Baghdad where US, coalition and Iraqi authorities live and work. Now it’s called IZ (International Zone). Much of the rest of Iraq is the „red zone”.
haji – 1: Arabic word for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca; 2: used by the American military for an Iraqi, anyone of Arab descent, or even of a brownish skin tone, be they Afghanis, or even Bangladeshis; 3: the word many soldiers use derogatorily for the enemy.
haji shop : even the smallest base has some form of what soldiers call a „haji shop” or, in more politically correct terms, a shop run by locals. Frequently near the PX, the „Haji” shop would sell everything from cigarettes to knockoff sunglasses to pirated DVDs.
helo – helicopter
IED – improvised explosive device
LN – Local National. A citizen of Iraq, if you’re in Iraq, Afghanistan if you’re in Afghanistan, etc. Usually encountered as labor brought on post to do construction or other labor.
MWR – Morale, Welfare, Recreation: a center when you can play ping pong, fussball, learn how to dance, watch movies, read a book, surf on the net or make a phone call
OIF – Operation Iraqi Freedom
PAX – passengers
R&R – rest and relaxation (expression used for „vacation”)
TCN – Third Country National: a citizen of a neutral country who is in the theater of operations as a contractor
TCP – Traffic control point

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